How To Remove Even The Most Pesky Carpet Stains

How To Remove Even The Most Pesky Carpet Stains

Your child drops a cup of juice on the carpet. Time seems to slow down as the bright purple liquid spills all over the fibers.

Accidents happen, but that does not make carpet mishaps any easier. Fortunately, with the right tricks, you can be prepared for any type of stain. The following are simple eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods to remove some of the most common stains.

Pet Stains: These types of stains can potentially leave a foul odor in addition to the discoloration, so it’s important to clean it thoroughly. After wiping up the initial mess, apply a pet stain carpet cleaner to the area. Then use a solution of water and vinegar to finish off the cat or dog pee stain removal and neutralize the odor.

Coffee: As soon as you drop the coffee on the floor, blot it up with a dry towel as soon as possible. There may be a remaining stain, so create a mixture of one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of warm water. Blot this onto the spot to hopefully remove it.

Blood: When removing blood from any type of material, it’s always best to use cold water. Once you apply some cold water to the stain, try mixing in some grease-fighting dish soap. For more stubborn stains, consider using a bleach-free cleaner.

Juice: These stains are particularly common, since children often drop their cups. To remove juice, first blot the stain with a dry towel. You can remove this stain with several different methods, so try using the water, vinegar, and dish soap method mentioned above. Baking soda and club soda may also be helpful.

Wine: A common party blunder, wine stains can cause a house carpet maintenance headache. For this type of carpet stain removal, start by rubbing a generous amount of salt onto the stain. Once the stain dries, rub cold water mixed with vinegar and dish soap to remove it completely.

Remember: If the above methods do not work, you may need to call a professional. While it is best to have your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months, you may need to schedule environmentally friendly carpet cleaning whenever stains start to build up.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning will keep your carpet clean and your environmental impact low, making you a more responsible homeowner.